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Good morning! Today is 4.5 Gram Eighth day here at RCP... come on thru anytime between 9am - 9pm and get your eighths weighed out to 4.5 grams for regular donation price*! Have a great day and hope to see you soon!

*Multiple 4.5 gram eighths are not eligible for additional combined weight discounts

*****Top Shelf Indicas*****

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THC BOMB EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 23.50% thc
530 GROWER MAI TAI ($20.40/gram) 31.40% thc
530 GROWER PURPLE PUNCH ($20.40/gram) 24.30% thc
CASHMERE ($20.40/gram) 24.60% thc
CRYSTAL COOKIES ($20.40/gram) 29.30% thc
DO SI DOS ($20.40/gram) 31.20% thc
GREEN DAWG BLUEBERRY MUFFINS ($20.40/gram) 22.10% thc
GREEN DAWG PURPLE PUNCH 2.0 ($20.40/gram) 23.20% thc
INGRID ($20.40/gram) 26.20% thc
MADRONE VIPER COOKIES ($20.40/gram) 28.50% thc
PAPAYA PUNCH ($19.20/gram) 16.20% thc
SUNSET Z ($19.20/gram) 21.90% thc
INDOOR MIX ($18.00/gram) 30.10% thc

*****Top Shelf Sativas*****

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CLEMENTINE ($20.40/gram) 29.00% thc
DUTCH TREAT ($20.40/gram) 28.60% thc
GANESH OG ($20.40/gram) 25.00% thc
GREEN DAWG SCOTTS OG ($20.40/gram) 23.70% thc
HUMBOLDT NECTARINE ($20.40/gram) 18.80% thc
HUMBOLDT OG ($20.40/gram) 17.26% thc
JACK HERER ($20.40/gram) 22.60% thc
LEMON ZOOKIES ($20.40/gram) 23.40% thc
LEMONADE ($20.40/gram) 28.90% thc
OG KUSH ($20.40/gram) 23.70% thc
SOUR DIESEL ($20.40/gram) 23.10% thc
STRAWBERRY BANANA ($20.40/gram) 22.80% thc
ZELLYS GIFT ($20.40/gram) 23.70% thc
NUG CYPRESS OG EIGHTH ($50.00/eighth) 25.30% thc
NUG GOLDEN LEMONS EIGHTH ($50.00/eighth) 26.50% thc
NUG PREMIUM JACK EIGHTH ($50.00/eighth) 21.90% thc
SFV OG ($19.20/gram) 27.70% thc
SS BANANA SPLIT ($18.00/gram) 22.50% thc
SS CARIBBEAN COOLER ($18.00/gram) 23.80% thc

*****Excellent Organic Strains*****

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BLUE DREAM ($15.60/gram) 27.10% thc
BOSS OG ($15.60/gram) 19.30% thc
FIRE OG ($15.60/gram) 18.70% thc
GORILLA GLUE ($15.60/gram) 26.30% thc
KILLA WATT ($15.60/gram) 15.50% thc
OG KUSH ($15.60/gram) 17.80% thc
PINEAPPLE ($15.60/gram) 21.50% thc
RED DRAGON ($15.60/gram) 26.00% thc
ZKITTLEZ ($15.60/gram) 17.50% thc


BOB (shake) ($12.00/gram)


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GOLD NUGGET HIPPIE SLAYER SAUCE 1G ($144.00/gram) 82.30% thc
PAPER PLANES STR8LEMONADE SAUCE 1G ($144.00/gram) 79.70% thc
FROSTY CORNBREAD SAUCE 1G ($120.00/gram) 80.60% thc
FROSTY THC BOMB SAUCE 1G ($120.00/gram) 80.30% thc
URBOLS OG KUSH SAWCE .5G ($120.00/gram) 80.20% thc
CONNECTED FORBIDDEN FRUIT LR SAUCE 1G ($96.00/gram) 74.60% thc
CONNECTED SUNSET SHERBERT LR SAUCE 1G ($96.00/gram) 72.80% thc
UTOPIA APPLESAUCE LR .5G ($96.00/gram) 71.50% thc
UTOPIA BANANGIE LR .5G ($96.00/gram) 78.60% thc
UTOPIA JAMBA JUICE LR .5G ($96.00/gram) 79.30% thc
UTOPIA ORANGE SODA LR .5G ($96.00/gram) 79.20% thc
UTOPIA PINEAPPLE BANNER LR .5G ($96.00/gram) 82.70% thc
UTOPIA ROYAL KUSH .5G ($96.00/gram) 75.50% thc
UTOPIA TANGERINE CREAM LR .5G ($96.00/gram) 71.40% thc
UTOPIA TANGIE LR SAUCE .5G ($96.00/gram) 75.20% thc
BHODACIOUS BANANA FLAMBE LR SUGAR .5G ($72.00/gram) 82.24% thc
BHODACIOUS GSC LR SHATTER .5G ($72.00/gram) 68.00% thc
UTOPIA BLUE DIESEL .5G ($60.00/gram) 66.60% thc
CSL DOSIDOS SHATTER .5G ($36.00/gram) 93.04% thc
CSL GORILLA GLUE SHATTER .5G ($36.00/gram) 85.40% thc
CSL HOLY GRAIL SHATTER .5G ($36.00/gram) 75.48% thc
CSL MAI TAI SHATTER .5G ($36.00/gram) 73.70% thc
CSL PURPLE PUNCH SHATTER .5G ($36.00/gram) 72.09% thc
FNH PURPLE PUNCH SAUCE 1G ($36.00/gram) 69.20% thc


(click item to see picture)
DR LADYBUG ANIMAL COOKIES MELT 1G ($120.00/gram) 67.90% thc
DR LADYBUG PLATINUM COOKIES MELT 1G ($120.00/gram) 69.20% thc
DR LADYBUG THC BOMB MELT 1G ($120.00/gram) 69.40% thc

*****Edibles, Vape Pens, and Balms*****

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ABX CARTS .5G ($36/each) 500.00mg thc
CAD 1-1 NANAS GREAZE ($84/each) mg thc
CAD 20MG CBD CAPS ($30/each) 0mg thc
CAD BODY BUTTER ($60/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD HIGH DOSE ($72/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD LOW DOSE ($62.26/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD NANAS GREAZE ($72/each) mg thc
CAD CBD SUPER HIGH DOSE ($120/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD TINCTURE 150MG ($54/each) 15mg thc
CAD CBD TINCTURE 300MG ($100/each) 0mg thc
CAD FOXY ROSE CBD CREAM ($72/each) mg thc
CAD THC TINCTURES ($72/each) mg thc
CALI DREAMERS CANNA CUBES ($10.8/each) 40.00mg thc
DAY DREAMER 10 PACK ($24/each) 100.00mg thc
DAY DREAMER CBD 10 PACK ($31.36/each) 50.00mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET BUTTER ($30.05/each) 1000mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET CINNFUL BUDDIES ($16.8/each) 100.00mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET COOKIES & CREAM CRISPY ($16.8/each) 100.00mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET FRUITY CRISPY ($16.8/each) 100.00mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET MUDDY BUDDIES ($16.8/each) 100.00mg thc
HIMALAYA CART .5G ($36/each) 500.00mg thc
KIVA 100MG BARS ($24.64/each) 100.00mg thc
KIVA BLUEBERRY TERRA BITES ($31.36/each) 100mg thc
KIVA GINGER CBD BAR ($32.48/each) 100mg thc
KOROVA CBD MINI COOKIES ($31.36/each) mg thc
KOROVA MINI COOKIES ($22.5/each) 100.00mg thc
PAX ERA BATTERY ($20.34/each) mg thc
SELECT ELITE CARTS .5G ($43.2/each) mg thc
SELECT PAX PODS ($43.2/each) mg thc
VCC CBD EDIBLES ($31.36/each) mg thc
VCC THC EDIBLES ($26.4/each) 100mg thc

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